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Insulin resistance is a primary cause of the diagnosis for Type 2 diabetes, and one of the responses to this insulin resistance is a production of glucose by the liver. Typically, the pancreatic beta cells produce insulin which will regulate your blood glucose levels. In a healthy liver, when the blood sugar runs low, it produces more sugar. When blood sugar levels in diabetic patients are low, the liver produces sugar but the problem because that the entry of glucose into the adipose tissue is impaired and therefore excess sugar stays in your bloodstream. Due to the insulin resistance, the regulatory processes of insulin are not what they should be, and the liver starts producing sugar past when it should in an abundance.


If you have heard of the “Dawn effect”, this is a byproduct of the liver reacting in this way and is an unfortunate part of having diabetes in that your blood glucose levels can be higher when you wake up then when you went to sleep even without eating anything.

Sometimes it can be frustrating, but just remember to hang in there, find a medication, diet and exercise routine that works for you on a daily basis and your body will begin to respond to the consistency.

One of the mechanisms in which Metformin works is to reduce the production of glucose in the liver, and we are currently enrolling patients that are on Metformin with some other classifications. If you think that you might be eligible, please see THIS link. 

HERE is where you can find the different trials that we are currently running. If you or someone you know would be eligible, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.